Welcome to my website!
Plain and simple: I'm an art teacher who became fascinated with Photoshop in 1996. It's amazing what comes from being passionate about something. My fascination with Photoshop has led to a series of books as well as other creative ventures. I hope you'll enjoy the glimpses of my work shared here.


"Ardith has put together interesting 
characters and situations with fine artistic 
representation in local well-known settings 
attractive to our children. I wish 
Mortimer, Max, Hugh and Harry well 
in their next adventures." 

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"Children as well as adults will be enchanted by this 32 page book about two mouse cousins, Mort and Max, visiting their favorite seaside hotel, Ocean House. They sneak in to see the hotel decorated for Christmas and have some adventures on the way. They even find a gift with purpose to take back to their friends, the church mice, living in the chapel across the street. The end of the book shows the personal rewards of giving and the value of exercise as part of a lifestyle, even for mice!"

Amazon Review by Wiz Arndt